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He was the best man so that imagine is stupid.

We’re just having fun thinking about weird and funny stuff all the time that probably it’s never gonna happen so your argument is invalid.

What does Marilyn Manson mean to you/how has he influenced you. I absolutely love stories about those kinda topics

Manson since the first time made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

I started listening to him since the end of my childhood.

My mom when I was like 8 years old (i don’t know why) forced me to go to church so i could take communion. It consisted on go to classes of catholicism and etc. 

But nobody wanted me there. They all though I was weird and always would make me feel uncomfortable. Only because I was always dressed in black, anyway in that time i’ve never listened to Manson. But since that experiencie there I found him and then he changed all my life… for good, of course. 

In that time, people made me feel bad about myself, but he was there the whole time, telling me that different doesn’t mean wrong. 

Manson’s music influenced me to be strong and happy with who I am.  

Hi, I just want to say.. Your blog is wonderful! I love your blog! I love you! I love.. Okay, and good night ❤ - Natally

Awww!! <3 You made my night, really. Thank you <3

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I like the new idea where people can submit stuff as fantasies and so on but the only problem I see is you can't be anonymous when you want to submit something?

Really?? Ill check that, i didnt know


I made a full list of the long imagines I wrote so you can just go here and find them all :)

Also, here you can tell your dirtiest, stupid, funny fantasies about Marilyn Manson. Or anecdotes related to him.


What about doing a new section of the blog? Something like confessions. 

You can send to the askbox anything you like about Manson, or anecdotes with him, fantasies, etc. 

The great idea was made by my beautiful friend, so go and follow him ok